Reini's Yard at 6:49pm

75mm, f4 @ 1/250
170mm, f5 @ 1/80
75mm, f4 @ 1/80


  1. Some more great photos Andie. I am torn between the second and the third one for which is my favorite. I really like the colors of the second one, though, so I think I would have to vote for that as my favorite.

  2. Hey, thanks, Nathan.

    BTW, nice pictures on your blog too =D.

  3. Oh, and thanks for your other comments... I just noticed them now. =)

  4. Lol, you're welcome. In looking at these pictures too, I just noticed yesterday the slug on the end of that, wooden thing. I thought it added a really comical note to the picture. Slugs aren't funny, but I thought that one was.


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