Lights, mistletoe and funny reflections

200mm, f5 @ 1/80 MF

75mm, f4 @ 1/80

140mm, f5 @ 1/50


  1. Anonymous21:20

    I really like you pics. Do you ever take it up to the mountain?

  2. I love the reflection on the ornament! (from that range that's good zoom for a great image.) and one is only left wondering about the mistletoe. I guess however that we are doomed to suspense...

  3. Craig: Thanks =). I would love to eventually be able to take pictures on one of our snowboarding trips... though, right now I think my camera's wellbeing would be intensly jepordized, due to my proneness to crashing.

    Jon: Haha, the mistletoe has been a family tradition for a few generations... (Great-grandparents). Any further details will remain untold. :wink:

  4. Anonymous09:52

    Hi Andy (in the typical Christa way)

    your amazing! I really enjoy your style. And the pics you took of our photo shoot...so cool!

    Can you come to our next shoot? It's at Powells or Washington Park. We aren't sure.

    Keep it up.


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