Armonia - 5:36pm

37mm, f5 @ 1/125

95mm, f4.5 @ 1/100

170mm, f5 @ 1/100

75mm, f4 @ 1/60

90mm, f4 @ 1/160

18mm, f4 @ 1/125

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hello, my name is

andie jael reavely

portland, or




about me

i use...

5D Mark ii
24-70mm f2.8
50mm f1.8
85mm f1.8
45mm f2.8 TS
24-105mm f4 (for video only)

p.s. I intentionally don't have watermarks on my photos— mostly because I think they're tacky. However, this does NOT mean I give you liberty to steal my photos. If you want to use a photo for anything, just ask me... I usually say yes.