oliver & kate lawford | six month anniversary

45mm, f2.8 @ 1/200

45mm, f2.8 @ 1/160

85mm, f1.8 @ 1/500

85mm, f1.8 @ 1/500

85mm, f1.8 @ 1/800

85mm, f1.8 @ 1/800

85mm, f1.8 @ 1/500


  1. Anonymous01:12


    These are seriously beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them. It is nice to see them both looking so happy even though we are thousands of miles away.

    Colin and Sharon

  2. James Lawford06:06

    Fantastic photo's.

    Oli and Kate, you both look sickenly perfect! You should be models.

  3. snow portraits are my favorites. very lovely.

  4. Anonymous01:50

    Snow in England doesn'y look nearly so nice, and we're glad to be rid of it. However, it is nice to be reminded of our far flung family.

    Love Grandma & Grandad

  5. Beautiful pictures Andie!!!

  6. Hey Andi! This is Tyler, Dick and Margaret Patty's grandson. Justin Schroeder pointed me to your site, and I was immediately impressed with your work! Just curious - what lens do you use for tilt-shift? Or do you use an adapter?

  7. Nice to meet you, Tyler ^_^

    Thanks for your compliments! I use a 45mm f2.8 TS. I love it. Are you thinking of getting one? 45mm is best for portraits. I am kinda dreaming after a 24mm now... :P


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