Mitts & Zook Family | multigeneration


  1. Anonymous16:13

    What beautiful family pictures! What a beautiful family!

  2. Anonymous04:05

    Hi there,

    Did you shoot these with EF 85mm f1.8? How do you get so sharp image with the lens? Can you share any tutorial/tips on focusing. I use it on crop body (40d). It seems that I am bad at focusing, the photo turned out not razor sharp. And what is the distance of the camera in the first picture?


    1. Hi Afiq! Thanks for your questions :). Yes, most of these are shot with my 85mm. As for focusing, honestly, practice is your best friend. If you are using auto focus, be sure to select the focus point which is nearest to your subject. This will make a world of difference :). Also, if you are new to focusing, begin shooting with an aperture more like f3.5 before you try shooting with the f1.8. Once you master the f3.5, you can practice slowly getting sharp with lower apertures such as f1.8. (This youtube video might be helpful to you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4bQc36r5ek)

      As for distance on the first picture, I was probably 15-20ft away from the family. I don't usually shoot that far away, but I wanted to include heads and feet... which required me to get farther away!

      I hope that helps!


hello, my name is

andie jael reavely

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about me

i use...

5D Mark ii
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50mm f1.8
85mm f1.8
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24-105mm f4 (for video only)

p.s. I intentionally don't have watermarks on my photos— mostly because I think they're tacky. However, this does NOT mean I give you liberty to steal my photos. If you want to use a photo for anything, just ask me... I usually say yes.